HQH Overnight Stables & Campground
and   A-CHORD PUBLISHING  "Play With The Band"


HQH Overnight Stables and Campground is located just off 
I-80 at the Big Springs, Nebraska Exit...Only 200 miles east of Denver 
in the Four Corners of Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming and Kansas  
Call: 308-889-3538 or cell: 308-289-6618    Email: [email protected]

In the late 1970's and 1980's, 
Hobelman Quarter Horses stood several race-bred 
quarter horse stallions, including  
CICLONE AAAT   S.I. 103,  a son of Easy Jet; 
SCOOPER HANK AAAT  multiple AAA Sire, Superior Halter Sire
 and Superior Performance Champions Sire; 
TOP FELLA AAT,  just ready to compete in AQHA Bridle Path Hack when 
we lost him at the age of four...Along with other fine stallions, 
we had a broodmare band of 40 mares and our son Doug, partnered and also 
managed the Stud Farm 
and breeding operation which included many outstanding outside mares. 
I  have continued these bloodlines throughout the years... 
Darcy, Daphny, and Doug, competed for many years in AQHA,
..qualifying for and competing, showing and placing in many AQHA National Finals, World and Quarter Horse Congress shows... with many trophies and great memories.  Lisa was in theTop 10 in the World for two consecutive years in Bridle Path Hack AQHA Youth ratings and  also, received the first AQHA Performance Championship awarded in the state of Nebraska on her horse Miss Jana Dell.  She left us all so many great memories of her much too short 19 years on earth...and is now riding white horses 
on "Streets of Gold"!
My husband, Edward Hobelman was a member of the Board of Directors and also served as president of the Nebraska Quarter Horse Association. 
I had the previlege of serving on the Nebraska Junior Quarter Horse Association Board of Directors for 10 years...deriving much pleasure in getting to know the many wonderful members of our youth team and their horses representing Nebraska in state and national competitions. 
Doug has moved on with new outstanding bloodlines 
with some beautiful babies and yearlings 
by Kaput and Prophetic Thunder....Doug,  Darcy and Daphny all enjoy their horses, along with their beautiful families.
 Doug also, will research for that perfect horse blood line you need
 for your particular horse program. 
For more information, contact: Doug Hobelman
Website for: Fast-Horses Project 
Phone 308.350.0432
HQH Overnight Stables and Campground was opened for business in the year 2000. Because our family had a quarter horse breeding operation in the 1980's, stalls and pens, a walker and facilities were available and the decision was made to invite horsemen and women traveling across country to our horse facility... now Horse Motel, for use as a refuge for them to visit and to stay overnight; and for me to share with those who come and have had the privilege as our family has, of appreciating the appeal of all breeds of horses.
Music has been an invigorating and pleasurable challenge
my entire life...since first hearing as a small child, 
my grandmother playing on her upright piano
"The Grand Jubilee March"
In the more recent past it became... 
A-CHORD PUBLISHING "Play with the Band" 
which was also, established in the year 2000. 
A-Chord "Play With The Band" was created soon after I had purchased a Roland KR 4700 digital piano keyboard and a Cakewalk computer program that would print the music recorded on the Roland and I was able (after some long hours of study and many months of recording), to developed a program to play the melodies from the sheet music, "along with" the recorded background music; when shutting off the melody on the recording being played on the keyboard. After some time, the "Play With The Band"products  were developed to be compatible with all brands of digital keyboards that play recordings on floppy discs, CD.'s and the latest keyboards with USB ports. 
A-Chord "Play With The Band" products are used as teaching tools, or just for the pleasure of playing some of the great songs of the past with the feel of playing with a band! A list of our music can be found on our website:
A-Chord "Play with the Band" music production was launched
in the year that the wonderful Broadway 
musical "Chicago" was brought to the public in Cinema, 
and revived one of the most exhilarating 
times of the 20th Century .......
The fabulous Roaring 20's...
The musical arrangements offered here from that
 era are all public domain music, and are original compositions, with the exception of new recordings; "Vineyard Classic Songs of Praise I and II" . we will soon have completed that are LLIC and Capitol CMG licensed:

Please, "click on":  
Anyone can "Play Along" with Coordinated Sheet Music.  Just slow the keyboard to a comfortable tempo and "Play along"...returning to original tempo when you are ready.

"Those who wait upon the Lord will renew their strength!  
They will be lifted up on wings as eagles. 
they will run and not be weary, they will walk and not faint!" 
Is. 40:31 V
compatible with all Digital Pianos, Keyboards and CD Players. 
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For Our stallion CICLONE's SUMMARY Researched by  DOUG HOBELMAN
Please request by phone 308.350.0432
Fast-Horses website:  www.fast-horses.com  
Open Sky Unlimited website: www.openskyunlimited.org 
3.5  DISKS and CD'S   
compatible with all Digital Pianos, Keyboards and CD Players. 
Call: 308-889-3538

Scherazade Pointe Vacation Home at Lake McConaughy
 is for sale by new owner. Contact the new owner 
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Now playing "Destination" by DF Hobelman.
 .... Our Music includes a number of songs reflective of the 1920's era. 
Also, Original compositions, Hymns of Praise and Christmas music played in contemporary style.  Music is on USB San Disks (memory sticks), C.D.'s and 3.5 Floppy Disks for All brands of digital piano keyboards, with Co-ordinating Sheet Music to "Play Along". 
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